• Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (British Edition)

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With an informed intoduction giving background details to Margaret Tyler and her importance in the Kentian tradition.  She played a very considerable role in the promulgation of what is now called 'constitutional prescribing'.  She served for 40 years at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. The Homoeopathic Drug Pictures is her masterpiece and should be on every college booklist as it provides a clear introduction to the most essential 125 remedies.

A wonderful resource for students and at this price is a complete bargain! This is the high quality British hardback edition. We also stock the Indian edition but to be honest, this is the best buy.

An invaluable 868 page work on remedy pictures portrayed from author's own experience & well supported by generous quotes from Hahnemann, T.F. Allen, Nash, Hering, Burnett, Farrington, Kent and Clarke. Useful background to each drug picture has been provided with respect to its history, source, preparation, use & comparative aspect. Tyler's liberal inclusion of cases, articles & letters from multiple sources enriches each remedy picture and widens the scope of this work as a handy reference.

A captivating writing style and sublime description of various particulars make this literature simply fascinating to read. 125 classical drug pictures collected together in one complete volume. Also included in these descriptions are quotes from the masters and real life clinical cases.

125 remedy pictures portrayed with quotations from Hahnemann, T. F. Allen, Hering,
Burnett, Farrington, Kent, and Clarke, others, as well as Tyler's own experience

For every medicine Tyler presents valuable background information, including history of use and preparation, and often compares each remedy with one (or more) closely similar remedies

Gives interesting histories and anecdotes for most of the remedies along with listing the"black-letter" or keynote Symptoms and quotes widely from past masters of Homeopathy

Tyler's remedy differentials are very carefully described  Inclusion of cases, articles, and letters from multiple sources enriches the picture of the remedies and gives this work an encyclopaedic scope.


Julian Winston has commented:

Her flowing, narrative style makes this an exceptionally readable book, and a great book for the neophyte. Of course, one should look at her writing with a view to the historical perspective; when she says of a remedy type, 'look out the window you can see this type in the street,' please remember she is talking about the mid-1930's in London and not in the present day in San Francisco!

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Homoeopathic Drug Pictures (British Edition)

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