• Homeopathic Cancer Drugs - Oncology Materia Medica
Latest 2023 printing.
Described inside as 2019 Second Edition with 2119 pages but this very latest 2023 version has a far better quality cover than those sold by some other sellers. Title is stamped with gold lettering rather than a gaudy yellow. 
USA hardback. A mine of oncological information.
Please feel free to inspect sample pages from the download button.

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs is the first clinical materia medica written specifically with the homeopathic oncologist in mind. It contains every fact the homeopathic cancer specialist needs to know in order to treat cancerous pathologies safely, and with a higher degree of success.
Homeopathic Cancer Drugs contains over 600 remedies and is the most thorough reference work on homeopathic cancer drugs to date. It lists all drugs that have ever been used for the homeopathic treatment of cancer either in clinical practice, case studies or compiled from more than 100 years of homeopathic literature.

It is the first time the symptoms from the homeopathic materia medica have been listed in the context of modern medical categories including additions from current scientific research. It contains the broadest, most up-to-date, most complete, and most accurate array of data the practitioner needs to reliably select an effective remedy for the pathology of each individual case of cancer.

Mueller Cancer

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Homeopathic Cancer Drugs - Oncology Materia Medica

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