• Organon of Medicine (Joseph Reves Edition)

Just a handful left ..

Unavailable elsewhere.

Beautifully produced edition of Hahnemann's Organon. Printed in Israel in 1996 and now getting very scarce indeed.

Not a pocket edition as this weighs 1320 grams and is 11 inches tall (!)

Gilt lettering on dark red boards. This is not a cheaply produced paperback (!)

This edition of the Organon is unique as it has a lot of detailed content by Joseph Reves (over 60 pages) before the commencement of the Organon. The book incorporates a lot of material concerning the traditional 4 elements and the Circle with diagrams. In this way it is quite unlike a typical Organon but Reves believes that we should attempt to view the world as it was seen in the times of Hahnemann and his precursors such as Paracelsus.

A pondering of the traditional elements illuminates remedy pictures and helps memorise them. A valuable tool indeed.

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Organon of Medicine (Joseph Reves Edition)

  • Author: Reves, Joseph
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