• 10 CD set

Excellent value for a ten CD set full of some of the best lectures to be found on the market. Recommended for long tedious car journeys!

Selected Homeopathic Seminar Highlights
CD1: Jonathan Shore on Children
CD2: Children continued plus Causticum by Jonathan Shore
CD3: Jonathan Shore on Causticum continued plus Bill Gray on Ignatia
CD4: Bill Gray on Ignatia
CD5: Ignatia continued. Jonathan Shore on Medorrhinum.
CD6: Medorrhinum continued. Bill Gray on Staphysagria
CD7: Staphysagria continued.
CD8: Staphyagria continued. Bill Gray on Thuja.
CD9: Thuja continued.
CD10: Thuja continued.
Definition of health. Hierarchy of symptoms. Filter for real symptoms. Persisting in the Interview. AIDS.

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10 CD set

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