• Best of Burnett

Burnett's many booklets are rearranged into a Burnett compliation and reference. Materia medica in one section, cases in another etc. An excellent resource but this does not replace the originals - Even Chitkara himself admits this. If interested for instance in treating liver ailments it will be necessary to jump around. Cases will be in one place and descriptions of Chelidonium, Cholesterinum, Carduus etc elsewhere. Buying the booklet Diseases of the Liver might be a more comfortable option. However this does not stop Chitkara's work being a valuable contribution to our homeopathic literature.

The book commences with Burnett's life and a list of his written works. This follows with Part One which entails 152 pages of his General and Clinical Observations. Part Two is 63 pages of remedy information. Part Three involves the bulk of the book: 574 cases take up pages 216 to 723.

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Best of Burnett

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