• Organon of the Medical Art -  Translated by Brewster O'Reilly - Paperback

Paperback edition from the United States.

Please feel free to download the introduction to this book. 

The most recent translation of the Organon.

Popular because of the shorter sentences, the precis in the margin and the glossary.

The book is split into chapters to aid the reader follow the train of Hahnemann's thought.

For sheer ease of comprehension, this is recommended.


Comments about this edition of the Organon :

"The Organon of the Medical Art is a must read for anyone who gives or receives medical care." 
- Roger Morrison, M.D., Author of Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology 

"The Organon is the cornerstone of homeopathy. In it, Hahnemann takes us on a philosophical journey through the age-old questions of health, disease and healing. Along the way he answers most questions any homeopath could have...This is the translation we have all been waiting for." 
- Homeopathy Today 

"The best translation yet, and the most comprehensive and organized information about the Organon." 
- George Vithoulkas, Author of The Science of Homeopathy 

"This philosophical masterpiece by the founder of homeopathy brilliantly covers all aspects of natural health care." 
- Miranda Castro, Author of The Complete Homeopathy Handbook 

"This superb edition of the Organon enables Hahnemann's genius to spread beyond the confines of the homeopathic community - to all who are interested in discovering a gentle, safe, and effective method of healing." 
- Catherine Coulter, Author of Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines 

"O'Reilly has edited what is likely to become one of the most important books on homeopathy in this century...For the first time, Hahnemann's profound teachings, which are the foundation of homeopathy, can be read and understood with relative ease." 
- The American Homeopath 

"The Organon of the Medical Art is one of the greatest books published in the history of medicine. It clearly describes how medicines can be used to stimulate natural healing. Hahnemann's revolutionary paradigm of medicine has far-reaching implications for all types of medical practice." 
- Richard Pitcairn, Author of Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health of Dogs and Cats 

"Homeopathic medicine is the most radical and effective system of medicine the world has ever known. Although the Organon was written 200 years ago, it is only now, at the dawn of the 21st century, that its true relevance can be appreciated by all." 
- Jeremy Sherr

Brewster-O'Reilly Organon

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Organon of the Medical Art - Translated by Brewster O'Reilly - Paperback

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