• Women Ripening Through the Menopause

It was a sad blow for all who knew Melissa Assilem to hear that she passed on just after Christmas 2020.

She was a homeopathic dynamo, always with a mind of her own. Quick to pick up on anything she differed on.

You could often identify those who would go far in the homeopathic world as those who weren't Silica would be practising quite busily, even when students. Melissa at the College of Homeopathy, in the early eighties, when it was at Imperial College, South Kensington was one of those people!  She make herself known and you would not forget her. You would remember details of conversation with her long after they took place. A very special person. 

We should always be grateful when special people leave books behind. 

A fascinating read from a very lively lecturer.
The politics and poly-tricks behind HRT. Menopause as a process. Uterine remedies, fibroids, the cervix, prolapse, osteoporosis, and haemorrhagic remedies.

Hear an excerpt on    https://vimeo.com/340726658

Some quotes from Melissa Assilem: 

"I am not sure if once you are a homeopath you can ever really retire."

"When Homeopathy came my way it was like meeting my soul's purpose head on. I walked into it like a duckling walks into water. I knew I had been born to do this amazing thing.

"I devoured this new knowledge with a great hunger. I had teachers, who told me there was only one way it should be done, and I would try it and if it seemed to work I would incorporate it. I had teachers who told me to do what was appropriate and not always stick to the dogma. They were the ones who gave me the freedom to explore beyond the existing parameters."

"I was using and practicing homeopathy long before I was officially qualified. I was teaching it before I graduated. It seemed everything I had ever done led to this astonishing encounter. I simply loved it. It involved science as well as spirit. It involved soul as well as body. It brought me the link I had been unknowingly seeking all of my life. I had found my passion. I had come home."

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Women Ripening Through the Menopause

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