• A Contemporary Repertory - Meditative Provings

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Some comments by members of the Guild of Homeopaths: Many many thanks for the repertory. It is wonderful, a real timely asset to our prescribing of new remedies. A wonderfully dedicated, well presented and beautifully illustrated. I am very impressed with this book. It certainly presents all that I could have wished for in a repertory when I first set out on the adventure of meditative provings many years ago. The work and dedication put into this should be an inspiration to us all. May all who use this work be blessed with much insight and healing - Janice Micallef

What a tome! What dedication you both have had to spend three years at it. What immediately strikes me is the clarity of the type setting, the ease with which one can find one's way about and the unfussiness of the whole enterprise. It is refreshingly unpretentious. - Colin Griffith

This book is repertorised information from the meditative provings of the Guild of Homeopaths.

The procedure has been for thirteen people to gather. Twelve take the remedy not knowing its identity. The thirteenth person, who is in the know, organises the proving and gives the remedy in the 30th potency. Just one dose is given. The group proceeds to relax and then meditates for 3 to 4 hours. During the meditaion period the members are asked for their impressions, sensations and feelings. There is an appraisal at the conclusion of the session. The provings have been published in the two volumes titled; Meditative Provings' which was authored by Madeline Evans.

These are the remedies covered here

From Volume One:
Amethyst, Ayahuasca, Bay Leaf, Berlin Wall, Blue, Caesium, Chalcancite, Chalice Well, Chestnut Tree Red Flower, Chestnut Tree White Flower, Clay, Conium Maculatum, Copper Beech, Earthworm, Emerald, Ether, Goldfish, Green, Holly, Hornbeam, Jade, Jet, Lac Humanum, Lotus, Medorrhinum Americana, Mimosa, Moldavite, Moonstone, Oak, Obsidian, Okoubaka, Peridot, Plutonium, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Rhodocrosite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sea Holly, Sea Salt, Sequoia, Silverfish, Stonehenge, Strawberry, Strontium, Sycamore Seed, Tiger's Eye, Viscum Album, Willow, Yellow.
From Volume Two
Almond Tree, Ametrine , Apple Tree (Malus Sylvestris), Ash , Banyan, Himalayan Blue Poppy, Bog Asphodel , Brown Rice , Buddleia , Butterfly (Vanessa Atalanta) , Cotton Boll, Forget-me-not (Myosotis)  , Frankincense , Galanthus (Snowdrop), Hazel , Holly Berry , Kigelia Africana (Sausage Tree) , Milky Way, Natrum Fluor, Olive, Orange,, Phantom Quartz, Rose (Pink), Santalum Album (Sandalwood), Sapphire, Selenite, Slate (Cambrian), Thymus Gland, Ulmus Glabra (Wych Elm), Urtica Urens (Nettle

This is the repertory to go with these two volumes of materia medica. The work has been contentious with some of the more traditional homeopaths, such as George Vithoulkas attacking the work. It would be fascinating to see some of these new remedies proved in a conventional way (but ideally double-blind) to see how everything tallies. On the long run such experiments will be essential to demonstrate that homeopathy is not based on fantasy.


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A Contemporary Repertory - Meditative Provings

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