• The Wolf - A Mythological and Comparative Study

A fascinating read from the excellent David Lilley.

Chapters include:

Scapegoat of Humanity,

The Wolf God,

Nine the Sacred Number,

Gods of the Wolf,

The Binding of Loki,

The Mark of Lucifer,

The Dark Wolf of Egypt,

The Grey Wolf (Lac Lupinum, Canus Lupus),

Red - Colour of the Wolf,

Suppressed Anger - Carcinosinum, Aurum, Lycopodium,

Suppressed Anger - Causticum, Ignatia, Nat Mur, Sepia

Suppressed Anger - Staphysagria, Chamomilla, Colocynthis

Suppressed Anger - Anacardium

Suppressed Anger - Hepar Sulph, Lyssin

Suppressed Anger - Quercus, Agaricus, Germanium

The Wolf - Fire and Water - Magnesium, Water, Franang's Falls

Hermes - The Trickster God

Quicksilver - Ferrum and Mercury

Quicksilver - Puer Aeternus

Mercurius Archetype

Hermes and Mercurius

Homeric Hymn to Hermes

The Young Hermes Wolf

God of Communication - Performer, Musician

God of Communication - Grandmaster, Orator, Author, Worker

The Mercurial Wolf - The Womaniser

The Mercurial Wolf - Sex

The Mercurial Wolf - The Cold Fish, The Transgressor

The Mercurial Wolf - The Loner, The Stranger, The One Apart

The Mercurial Wolf - Hurried, Restless, Compulsive, Ritualistic, Megalomania

The Mercurial Wolf - Thoughts, Urges, and Impulses

The Wolf Spider - Symbolism, Natural History

The Wolf Spider - Tarantism, Mythology

The Wolf of the Stage - Palladium  (can be downloaded at top of page)

Archetypes Fundamental to the Creation and Psyche

The Wolf Spider and the Wolf (five chapters on this)

Lycosa Tarantula (three chapters on this)

Please feel free to download a sample chapter from the webpage for the book. Click the 'download' box and then the blue square with the arrow that appears.

Ancient texts document the hatred of Cain for his brother Abel and relate how Cain callously slew his innocent brother. This fratricidal act has been perpetrated by Homo sapiens againstCanis lupus over thousands of years. 

Human and wolf are psychic siblings: rival apex predators in the late Pleistocene; both intelligent, family orientated and highly socialised creatures. While decadent, rapacious humanity has become an infestation on the surface of planet Earth, the wolf is immaculate: all that we once were - all that we should be - all that we must become!

All that is odious, iniquitous and malicious in the human archetype is repressed into the Shadow of the collective human unconscious and projected upon the despised scapegoat of humanity - the wolf - making it the very embodiment of evil and malevolence. Homeopathic wolf's milk, Lac lupinum, bears the impress not only of the wolf's suffering at the hands of humanity, but also the mythical and projected visions of the wolf built into the human unconscious, ensuring a remedy of uncommon scope and power for the healing of the human soul.

This title represents an extract from David’s forthcoming – and eagerly awaited – second volume in his highly acclaimed Healing the Soul series. It was produced to accompany his 2017 seminars in Ireland and Scotland.

About the author
Dr David Lilley was born in Leeds in 1940, the son of a homeopath and his family emigrated to South Africa in 1949. He studied medicine at the University of Pretoria and after qualifying spent 3 years at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and the London College of Osteopathy. He studied under Drs Blackie, Twentyman, Raeside, Kennedy and Foubister.

After obtaining his MFHom David returned to South Africa and joined his father in a practice in 1966. He has been in an exclusively homeopathic and osteopathic practice for the past 41 years. In 1994 he started the first homeopathic course for medical doctors in South Africa. This course has now evolved into the SA Faculty of Homeopathy, of which he is the Director of Education.

In recent years he has been in demand as a visiting lecturer in the UK and further afield. In his lectures he weaves together homeopathic art and science, analytical psychology, mythology, chakra and colour theory, natural science and spiritual philosophy to provide a rich tapestry of perennial wisdom and knowledge.

He has been described as an "inspiring teacher with an incredible in-depth knowledge of the remedies who also shares many practical tips on the management of acute illnesses".

The Wolf is David's second book following Healing The Soul vol1 (2014) and expands on the arcetype of The Wolf which will be examined in the forthcoming, and eagerly awaited second volume.


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The Wolf - A Mythological and Comparative Study

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