• Secret Lanthanides

The latest opus. Atomic numbers 57 to 73. The theme is autonomy. Jan Scholten continues and expands upon the model of the Periodic Table described in his earlier works.
The Lanthanide elements were not discovered until the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Many of these elements had been hidden and been difficult to isolate. The term 'lanthanide' in fact reflects this quality.
The book is in five parts:
1. Introduction. This includes the basics of the Element Theory. The way in which remedies pictures have been developed is described. How cases have been recorded.
2. General themes of the Lanthanides. Autonomy, Shadow. Power. Mythology. Heracles and the Labours. Odysseus. Clinical diseases.
3. The different Lanthanides and their salts.
4. Provings of the Lanthanides.
5. Tables and data.
512 page excellent quality hardback.


“We have been using the Lanthanides in our practice ever since Jan Scholten first presented them in his seminars. The results have been excellent and have steadily improved as we gradually learned how to use the method. We have now observed good results using all the Lanthanides (except Promethium) in the cases in our practice. The book gives readers everything they need to acquire the necessary understanding. I was privileged to proofread the German translation and found fresh inspiration in every chapter.”     Ulrich Welte

Further Review by Louis Klein

Secret Lanthanides describes the use of the Lanthanides and their salts in health and disease. It describes persons in a Lanthanide state and the cure with homeopathic potencies

The Lanthanides are elements of the periodic system with atom number 57 till 73. The have strong electro-magnetic and light properties.
Autonomy is a major theme, hence the subtitle Road to independence.
The search for freedom can lead to a spiritual development and desire for self-control. The Lanthanides are needed for leading ones own life, going ones own way. Its the road to individuality and individuation.
The psychological separation is physically reflected in the immune system and auto-immune diseases. The immune system separates own tissue from foreign substances, it has to find out what own.
It is indeed a pleasure and honor to write this foreword to Jan Scholtens latest work, The Secret Lanthanides. I am sure that like his earlier works, this one too will be very useful to the profession. The smile on the face of a successfully treated case is the main reward for such work.
Rajan Sankaran
Jan Scholtens discovery of the Lanthanides as homeopathic remedies has given us even more tools to cure profound pathology. After hearing his initial lectures on the Lanthanides and, subsequently prescribing some of them, I am delighted by the curative results.

Louis Klein

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Secret Lanthanides

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