• Obtaining Optimum Health

Not a particularly convincing defence of pendulums, 'detox' strategies and  'diagnostic' machines. One to hide from your local 'quackbuster' or Witchfinder General. You may end up with a thorough ducking.

It would be reasonable to expect  exponents of radiaesthesia / 'diagnostic kinesiology'  who do this for a living to submit themselves to thorough testing by neutral observers.  It would be a superb student research project to evaluate these methods and their supporters. Just how reliable can it be and should seriously ill people really be encouraged to take their 'findings' as valid?

Can a dowser or muscle tester really tell a homeopathic remedy from a blank? Or one remedy from another as they tend to claim? Can .they provide proof? It should be very easy and cheap to set up an experiment.  If  no positive evidence is forthcoming should they really be practising as members of homeopathic organisations? If they can indeed provide proof then we will have further evidence that our remedies are a reality. It is for this reason that they should be challenged at every opportunity.

150 pages.

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Obtaining Optimum Health

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