• Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing

This book comes out of the second year programme at the Scottish College of Homoeopathy. It is an attempt to understand Hahnemann's theory of Chronic Disease, of miasms, in a modern context, paying attention to the current language of medicine and the current expression of the disease process. Its aim is to enable the student to understand modern cases in homoeopathic terms so they can apply homoeopathic theory to cases studied. The book follows through the action of the remedy explaining different interpretations of symptoms expressing at different levels of the disease process or degeneration of the miasm. This includes the use of potency and acute and chronic prescriptions. An additional feature at the end of each lesson is a section on developing clinical skills which draws on Margaret Roy's experience as a supervisor and as a psychotherapist. A full bibliography links to further sources to allow continued study.

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Ian Townsend writes in the foreword: "In a time where ever-more complex models for homeopathic case-taking practice and analysis are sweeping the world stage, it is rare to find an author with the discipline of taking herself back to Hahnemann and not just reconsidering his work, but building on it: fitting so well into that tradition that is our 'medicine of experience' by observing clinically, producing theory based on that observation, and then refinding theory - and practice - in light of that experience. Her current book represents a genuine contribution to homeopathic thought."

Roy Constitutional

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Homoeopathic Constitutional Prescribing

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