• Chakra Prescribing and Homoeopathy
New title from Grahame Martin, a South London homeopath, who is a member of the Guild of Homeopaths. (The Guild promote a more esoteric view of homeopathy where meditative provings of remedies are organised and there is an emphasis on greater awareness of subtle energies)
This 368 page book concentrates on the seven major and better known chakras.
"It holds a wealth of deep understanding, inner knowledge and experience that will help us all" - Janice Micallef.
"This illuminating book is a definitive study of the subtle centres and their relationship to remedies both old and new, It takes us on a journey of self discovery and brings a fascinating new dimension to homoeopathic philosophy and practice. An excellent book." - John Morgan.
From the publisher:
Like so many homoeopaths, Grahame Martin prescribed remedies long before attending a college and when he did get there he was taught by practitioners who were never taught in a college themselves. This underlines his belief that homoeopathy is a means to health that belongs to all and, therefore, in the principle that the protection of lay homoeopathy is also the protection of the nature of a free human being.
Having studied various levels of spiritualism it was to be the visualisation of miasmatic energy that became the glue that pulled his beliefs together. This philosophy was then expanded upon through the influence of Martin Miles and Robert Davidson, it being a river - the source of which can be traced back to the extraordinary teachings of Thomas Maughan and long before him.
Grahame is a member of the Guild of Homeopaths and continues to prove the new Guild remedies. Under the training of Janice Micallef, he has learnt how to apply his psychic perception to healing. He teaches both the philosophy of using chakras within homoeopathy and the new remedies of the Guild using esoteric knowledge and psychic reception. He also holds meditative circles that encompass chakra healing.
Grahame has his practice in South London

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Chakra Prescribing and Homoeopathy

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