• Homoeopathy and Human Evolution

First published in 1992, this title has been reprinted three times since.

Contents of the book are as follows:


Ch. 1 - Karma
Karma and Homeopathy

Ch. 2 - Disease
The Myth of Infection
The Process of Cure
What is Health
Acute Disease

Ch. 3 - The Vital Force

Ch. 4 - Childhood Illnesses and Immunisation

Ch. 5 - The Heart and Circulation

Ch. 6 - The Liver and Spleen

Ch. 7 - The Nervous System

Ch. 8 - The Four Kingdoms

Ch. 9 - The Group

Combination Remedies

Ch. 10 - The Essence of Prescribing

The Homeopathy of Evolution

Ch. 11 - The Prescriber

Ch. 12 - Gonorrhea and Sycosis

Sycotic Symptomatology
The Sycotic Child
Gonorrhea and Cholesterol

Ch. 13 - Cancer

Ch. 14 - The Heart Centre and the Syphilitic Miasm

The Thymus Gland
The Heart Centre and Syphilis
Syphilinum and Tuberculinum

Appendix - Anatomy and Physiology
(this is an extensive section of the book - over 40 pages)

Martin Miles was a huge influence on countless students who encountered him. A wonderful man now sadly departed.
His South East London classes were an inspiration to many grateful students (including myself). There are plans for a special website to continue his teachings. A posthumous book is to be expected.
There were people standing outside the door at his funeral.

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Homoeopathy and Human Evolution

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