• El Moderno Repertorio de Kent (signed by Eizayaga)

Huge 2.6 kilo hardback.

Gold stamped lettering on the cover.

Measures 30  x 24 x  7  cm. 

Ediciones Marecel , Buenos Aires, Argentina 1979. 

This is Kent' Repertory all in Spanish. 

Signed on Francisco Eizayaga's visit to London in 1993. 

855 good quality and large pages.

Pages 1 to 4 of the mental section have some pink highlighting. Also page 8 has two  instances of pink highlighting to a rubric title and also a sub-rubric. 

A collector's item especially suitable for a Spanish speaker.  This is not the smaller bi-lingual version that Eizayaga brought out at a later date. 

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El Moderno Repertorio de Kent (signed by Eizayaga)

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