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Patricia Le Roux's posthumous work finally available (!)  A good quality hardback with sixty children's remedy types. The first 12 years of life are focussed upon rather than teenage years.

2015 publication.

Remedies are grouped into four sets in a rather similar manner to Borland who had five groups in his Children's Types. Borland's worlk is clearly the foundation to this book.

Patricia Le Roux's first group is chilly children

Calc Carb, Calc Phos, Calc Fluor, Phos, Lycopodium, Silicea, Sanicula, Causticum, Antimonium Crudum, Tuberculinum, Psorinum, Petroleum, Hepar Sulph, Aqua Marina, Bambusa Arundinacea, Carcinosinum, Hekla Lava, Marmor Album.

Secondly hot children:

Pulsatilla, Kalium Sulph, Sulphur, Fluor Aicidum, Iodium, Bromium, Thuja Occ, Abrotanum, Vipera, Falco Peregrinus, Hydrogenium, Malandrinum, Mancinella, 

Thirdly slow children:

Baryta Carb, Borax, Graphites, Carbo Veg, Natrum Mur, Sepia, Capsicum, Aurum Met, Beryllium, Ginkgo Biloba, Chocolate, Helium, Oxygenium.

Lastly restless children:

Ars Alb, Chamomilla, Cina Maritima, Magnesium Carb, Ignatia, Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Zincum, Mercurius,  Lac Felinum, Arg Nit, Adamas, Bombyx Processionea, Jalapa, Ozonum, Saccharum Album.

From the publisher:

A modern materia medica of children's remedies, exceptionally concise and practical. Patricia Le Roux was a leading homeopathic pediatrician, combining in her practice classical methods with the new approaches pioneered by Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran. She had the unique gift of getting to the heart of the symptoms found specifically in children.

The 60 remedies described range from the classic polychrests such as Pulsatilla, Calcium carbonicum, and Lycopodium to less well-known but very successful remedies for children such as Beryllium, Helium, Saccharum officinale, Falco, Oxygenium, and Chocolate.

Building on Borland's homeopathic classic of children's types, Patricia Le Roux arranged the 60 remedy pictures into these four main types: sensitive to cold, warm-blooded, slow, and restless. This enables rapid differentiation. For each remedy there is also a very useful distinction between the symptoms found in babies and those found in children. The author has drawn on her great clinical experience, offering valuable tips for how the remedies can be recognized in very small children who may display little in the way of typical symptoms or signs. A comprehensive index of illnesses also aids selection of the best remedy. An original work that will surely help homeopaths to prescribe for children with greater confidence.

“Patricia Le Roux was one of the great pioneers of homeopathy: we are greatly indebted to her for this superb selection of the sixty most important remedies for the treatment of babies and children. 
HOMEO-KIDS is an innovative book that will help homeopaths in their daily work, whether they be beginners or experienced practitioners." 

François Gassin, president of the French association of homeopathic physicians

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