• Superfood Wellness Guide


Part 1 has 89 pages with a Superfood Therapeutic Guide A - Z giving benefits, conditions, diseases, terminology and Food Tonics 

Part 2 has an A-Z Superfood Wellness Tonic Overview which is found in pages 90-594. This gives medicinal foods, berries, nuts, mushrooms and vegetables.

A New Health Guide by Dr. Robin Murphy

Medicinal Foods, Herbs, Spices & Minerals - Over 200 Superfoods and Supertonics are reviewed!

Black & White Print
598 Pages
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
2-Column Format

Supertonics for longevity, disease, sports, detox, beauty, weight loss and more!

Super Berries, Super Fruits, Super Healing Oils, Super Herbs and Spices and Super Nuts and Seeds!

Superfood Wellness Guide Book Outline:
1. Introduction
2. Supertonic Guide A to Z
3. Supertonic Therapeutic Guide
4. Supertonic Pharmacy Guide
5. Wellness Resources

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Superfood Wellness Guide

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