• AIDS and Syphilis - The Hidden Link

Harris Coulter was the husband of the celebrated homeopath, Catherine Coulter. He also was involved in campaigning against DPT programmes and gave evidence at a high profile court case in Eire. He also wrote the four volume 'Divided Legacy' which was a history of medicine that stressed homeopathy's importance.

Indian reprint of second edition. B Jain, India 1990. 130 pages. At a very cheap price.

The first USA publication of 1987 argued that AIDS would fail to be the scourge widely predicted. It also disputed the possibility of finding a drug targeted against the offending virus. Coulter's work predicted that AIDS would fail to make an impact. The prediction seems to have been wide of the mark as far as Africa is concerned.

Apart from this the book makes a very interesting read.

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AIDS and Syphilis - The Hidden Link

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