• The Prescriber (British hardback edition)

A bargain at this price. Not to be compared with the Indian edition. 

Good strong binding on this excellent British hardback edition of 382 pages. Far more compact than the Indian edition - This can be slipped into a bag or even large pocket.

A compact but impressive reference.  Extremely practical pocket book which has been used extensively by good homeopaths over the years.

Great for any acutes clinic.

Stock starting to get low and unlikely to be reprinted anytime soon

The Prescriber by John Henry Clarke was first published in 1885 (updated in 1925) and is still used extensively. With an introductory essay, 'How to Practice Homoeopathy,' this Prescriber has helped countless practitioners prescribe successfully.

The names of diseases are given in alphabetical order like a dictionary and under each such heading the name of medicine or medicines most useful are given. When more medicines than one are named, they will be found prefixed to each symptom which would help the prescriber to choose that in preference to the rest. When no such differentiating symptoms can be given, the medicines are named in order of their general applicability and numbered to be used in that order.

This therapeutic work is enriched with Clarke's experience. Clarke also wrote the three volume opus 'Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica' which is what Vermeulen's Concordant Mat Med was based on (!\0 We also sell a high quality British edition of the three volume Dictionary at an exceptional £55 (normally £120)

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The Prescriber (British hardback edition)

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