• The Substance of Homeopathy

The following four paragraphs are from the publisher:
In his earlier work "The Spirit of Homoeopathy" Rajan Sankaran delved deep into homoeopathic philosophy and introduced many original ideas of great value to the practitioner. That book, while generating some controversy, was very well received by the profession and-has won much acclaim. Starting where the "Spirit" left off, this much awaited book rekindles the flame of homoeopathy - the spirit flows into the substance.

In the "Spirit", Rajan presented his concept of disease as delusion. Here, he shows how delusions can be classified using Hahnemann's theory of miasms. With numerous illustrative cases, he shows how this classification can be used as a map of disease to facilitate remedy selection. Next, a detailed study of homoeopathic drugs with reference to their source reveals the purpose of the traditional classification into plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

The results of a detailed study of the periodic table are presented which show the relation between chemistry and homoeopathy, underlining the scientific basis of homoeopathy. The mineral remedies are studied in detail and with cases, call forth vivid images to mind. A number of recent drug provings conducted by Rajan in his seminars all over the world are included, which give a new insight into these drugs. After a study of some plant and animal remedies, there follows a differential analysis of drugs from the various kingdoms - this study will prove a landmark in the homoeopathic field. Finally, many original ideas on homoeopathic philosophy are expounded, chief among these being his thoughts on how and why organic pathology develops.

Rajan Sankaran has drawn from his vast clinical experience to give us many original and thought-provoking ideas. Lucid though succinct, and copiously illustrated with cases, the book will be of interest to all serious students of the healing art.


Contents of this title

Introduction 3-6
The Story of this Book 7-10
What is to be cured in Disease 11-18
Historical perspective 19
The Purpose of Classification 19
Understanding Miasms 20-24
Survival Response 25
Physical Expressions 26
Correlation with Other Classifications 26-27
Personality Types 28
Physical Symptoms of the Miasms 29
Physical States, Delusions & Miasms 30
Pathology and Miasms 31-32
Multimiasmatic Disease States and Remedies 33
Separate States 34-36
Classification of Remedies According to Miasms 37-45
Application of the Miasm Theory 46-49
A New Repertory 50
Miasms in Between Main Miasms 51-57
A Proving of Ringworm 58-61
A Proving of Bacillinum 62-70
The Nosode as the Center Point of the Miasm 71
What we Learn from Miasms 72-73
The Concept of Miasms: A Summary 74-78
Illustrative Cases 79-100
Introduction 101
Metals as performers 101-102
Period 4- first line of metals 103-114
Period 5 - Second line of metals 115-119
Period 6 - Third line of metals 119-122
Aluminum 123-127
Brief Introduction to the Periodic Table 128-130
Correlation with Homoeopathy 131-133
The Cations 134-140
The Anions 141-149
Salts 149-198
Acids 199-202
Summary of the Periodic Table 202-206
Lac Caninum 207-208
Sepia 209-211
Naja: A Proving 212-224
Crotalus Cascavella: A case study 225
Cannabis Indica in California 226-232
Staphysagria 233-238
A Proving of Music 238-264
A Case from Practice 265-268
The Physician's Reaction 269-272 Picture Behind Pictures 273-276
The Totality of Symptoms 277-280
State and Pathology 281-288
Learning Homoeopathy through Life 289-298
The Homoeopathic Approach to Life 299-304
Index 305-308

The latest edition does not include the two CDs of the music discussed at the end of the book. 

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The Substance of Homeopathy

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