• Organon of Medicine (Jost Kunzli Translation)

Easy to read version by the famous homoepath who produced an expanded edition of Kent's Repertory in the eighties.

To get a flavour, please feel free to download the first 24 pages here. 

Some serious scholars complain about this translation because Dr Kunzli jumps in a few places from one edition of the Organon to another without warning. Sometimes simplifying can make it all more complicated (!) The description of potentising becomes confusing in the Kunzli version.

Despite this, the Kunzli translation has its enthusiastic following amongst those who are not sticklers.

Great to read over a weekend if you want to get the general flavour of the entire book. This and the Brewster 0'Reilly edition are the best to get an overview quickly.

Kunzli Hahnemann Organon

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Organon of Medicine (Jost Kunzli Translation)

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