• The Trials of Homeopathy

From the publisher:

The Trials of Homeopathy is the first systematic review of all clinical trials of homeopathy, predominantly in Europe and North America, from its beginnings to the present day. Dean shows that homeopathy has a long history of scientifically conducted trials that have not received the recognition they deserve. At a time when the place of homeopathy in a changing health landscape is under discussion, this work provides a valuable historical context.
The current debate about the merits of different therapies is informed increasingly by trial evidence. The rediscovery of homeopathy's clinical research tradition is, therefore, of particular importance.
In recognition of this valuable work Michael Emmans Dean was awarded the first Hans Walz Prize of the Robert Bosch Foundation in October 2003. The aim of this prize is to promote research in the history of homeopathy outside the Robert Bosch Foundation's Institute for the History of Medicine
Our comment: This detailed 305 page book also contains a CD ROM giving links on the internet for further information.
The book is essential for anybody taking an interest in the neglected field of homeopathic research.


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The Trials of Homeopathy

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