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Stewart McOwan

Minerva Homeopathic books is run by Stewart McOwan with the invaluable assistance of his wife, Marie-Claire. We began in the early days of the recent resurgence of homeopathy when there was a genuine scarcity of homeopathic books. We put together the largest list of serious homeopathic books then available and we are still going strong. In 1995 we opened the only shop in Britain entirely devoted to selling homeopathic books. Our Fulham Palace Road shop was continued up to 2005. We are now found in the more tranquil surroundings of Wiltshire. If you would like to collect books you are welcome to enquire whether an appointment is possible.

Stewart began studying homeopathy at the College of Homeopathy in 1983. This was the first ever U.K. professional course for non-doctors. He had the privilege of learning from most of today's leading lights in homeopathy and attended as many additional inspiring classes and seminars as possible, especially those of Sheilagh Creasy, Martin Miles and Kaaren Whitney. He was practising himself over twenty years ago. 

Marie-Claire has been helping Stewart since 2005. It is not easy ordering, storing and constantly keeping track of well over 1000 titles, and despatching parcels promptly far and wide. However, with Marie-Claire's calming influence, we seem to manage the impossible despite the happy arrival of little Elysia in January 2009. Keilani just before Christmas 2010, Sabelle in August 2014, Maxine in January 2017 and Luke in August 2020. 

Please note that www.minervabooks.co.uk and www.MinervaBooks.com are the only Minerva web addresses. We do not have affiliates and do not issue coupons. Anybody offering Minerva coupons is an imposter attempting to cheat you.


Stewart is always glad to offer email advice regarding possible book purchases. Alternatively, if it is a complicated request for information you are welcome to phone. The size of the homeopathic literature can be overwhelming and his advice costs nothing. If he speaks to you he is more likely to get an understanding of what will be helpful to you in your own homeopathic quest.

A vast number of new homeopathic books have appeared recently and it is almost impossible for anybody to be completely up to date. We hope this website helps the situation.

Overseas orders are welcome - please feel free to get in contact.

Stewart McOwan
Minerva Homeopathic Books
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